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CST Station Mumbai – The Evening Hues

Mumbai has its own stories to tell. Everytime you are here, you would feel that you are living the 'Inception' movie live. Everything here seems to move thrice as fast as your normal life.¬†The cars sway past you as if they will run over every single walking person on the street, including you. If you… Continue reading CST Station Mumbai – The Evening Hues


Kerala Red Fish Curry (Meenu Mulakittathu)

Here’s how you relish the taste of authentic Kerala fish curry

Indu's International Kitchen

Red Fish curryFish curry is as essential to a Malayalee as water is to fish ūüôā ¬†I have already posted the typical Kerala fish curry that is cooked most often in our home. That curry uses coconut milk and kodampuli (a variety of kokum that is indigenous to Kerala). ¬†The version I am posting today is the version without coconut milk. This type of curry is unique to the North of Kerala and is usually made very hot and spicy. ¬†This curry is used commonly for fish like King Mackerel(Nayee Meenu) or shark fish(Sraav).

kerala style fish curry without coconutMy dad and a lot of the folks of the older generation would devour this curry by making balls of the cooked rice and dipping them in the sauce! Of late I have been making this version for myself since I am on a low fat diet and need to avoid coconut milk.  And considering my current limitations…

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